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A flour machine is a processing machine that relies on external power (such as power generated by an electric motor or diesel engine) to grind raw materials into smallparticles and separate flour particles of different sizes by adjusting the size of the sieve holes to obtain small flour particles.

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The hammer mill is a kind of equipment that uses mechanical principles for grinding. Its grinding principle is to use a high-speed rotating hammer to hit and grind the feed materials, thereby grinding grains and other raw materials into powder. Compared with other grinding mills, hammer mills have the characteristics of fine grinding, good quality and high production efficiency. Therefore, they are widely used in the grinding processing of grains, oilseeds and other food crops.

The purpose of hammer mill

Hammer mills are widely used in the grinding and processing of various cereals and oil crops, including wheat, rice, corn and other major food crops. In addition, the hammer mill can also grind various medicinal materials, chemical raw materials and other non-food raw materials. In the flour processing industry, hammer mill is one of the very important equipment.

Advantages of hammer mill

(1) Fine grinding: When the hammer mill is grinding, the high-speed rotation of the hammer head can grind the input grains and other raw materials into very fine powder, thus making the ground flour more delicate.

(2) Good quality: During the grinding process of the hammer mill, the gap between the hammer head and the screen can be adjusted as needed, so that finer flour can be obtained and the quality will be better.

(3) High production efficiency: The hammer mill is very efficient in grinding flour and can produce a large amount of flour to better meet market demand.


The tooth and claw crusher is used to crush rice, wheat, corn, wheat, whole grains and beans, peppers, cereals, straw, vines, dried and fresh potatoes; shrimp skin, fish meal, shells, seaweed, dehydrated vegetables, hawthorn, dried ginger, garlic Chips, pumpkin powder, spices, dates, paper, circuit boards, plastics, chemical raw materials, seawater products, condiments, feed, mica, graphite, bentonite, perlite, distiller's grains, furfural, cakes, charcoal, activated carbon, cellulose , potato residue, tea, plant roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, various edible fungus husks and other foods and feeds, and can also crush low-hardness minerals such as gypsum, lead powder, slip powder, rare earths, chemicals, clay, coal, etc. Substances, etc., and can also crush a variety of Chinese medicinal materials. This machine can be used with motors and diesel engines. The tooth and claw crusher crushes wheat, corn and other cereals to make feed, and is used in large, medium and small farms. The tooth and claw pulverizer is a cast iron tooth disc pulverizer. It can crush raw materials such as wheat, corn, grains, bean skin, soybean meal, straw, and rice husk. Can be used in chicken farms, duck farms, pig farms, cattle farms, poultry breeding, and sheep houses. It can also be used in feed mills to crush various raw materials.

working principle

The tooth and claw crusher adopts a powerful crushing knife, rotates at high speed, crushes evenly, and can be used both dry and wet. The door of the crusher is equipped with a sealing ring, which prevents powder leakage during operation, increases output, and is safe and environmentally friendly. It can be equipped with a self-priming pipe or a screw conveyor, so that the material can be fed quickly and the crushing efficiency is high. The bottom is a thickened chassis and the motor frame is adjustable, making the discharge motor more stable.

  Note: if you are looking for feed pellet machine driven by diesel engine, gasoline engine or PTO, pls see small feed mill for sale, or send us an equiry.



Equipment quality:
It adopts high-carbon alloy steel blades and a high-speed crushing system. It is characterized by stable performance, durability and efficiency.

It is multi-functional grinder. It also has a suction device to reduce dust emissions. It is characterized by a low operating temperature, reduced noise and efficient production.

1. Fineness is determined by the pore size of the sieve.
2. The crushing rotor, hammer and other high speed components must be firmly fixed. Pieces of metal, stones and other hard objects must be prevented from entering the machine to avoid damage and for safety reasons.

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